Nature Walks & Adventure


Every visitor is given the opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty of nature. Birds and butterflies, plants and flowers abound. The sounds of nature, the movement of the wind, the gush of pure water, the dance of the rain are all in harmony.


Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the walking tours provided by Dion Pullan's BK Valley field study center (right next door). Hardcore hiking up either Mt. Cristobal or Mt. Banahaw is best planned with them. Inquire about ATVs and ponies.




"...the zip line is just long enough & it’s not too fast that you could actually enjoy the scenery."


Hanging bridge to zipline [Photo botton-right]

Bird Watcher's Paradise


Birdwatching in BK Valley is so easy. Mixed flocks of birds frolic from one flowering or fruiting tree to another. There is no need to hike. The perimeter of the valley grounds are surrounded by lush forest. The many types of bird calls indicate the presence of many species of small and big birds.  


"It had been said that the trees in front of the lodge's balcony hosts a variety of birds. And boy, they weren't kidding! There before us were birds galore!"

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Eagle Point Resort is the sister destination of BK Mountain Lodge. It is only about an hour and a half drive away. It is located in the Anilao area in Batangas Province. Where BK has its mountains and birds, Eagle Point has the sun and sea. Click here...

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